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Bravado Designs

Bravado Designs

Bravado Designs' story began 25 years ago when two moms couldn’t find a comfortable or stylish nursing bra. So what did they do? They made their own at their kitchen table using some extra leopard print fabric and an understanding of what nursing moms really want.

From their passion, their dedication and yes, their BRAVADO came their first runaway success: The Original Nursing Bra. This early success led to their vision to make nursing bras infinitely more comfortable and stylish while supporting new nursing moms through all of the highs and lows of breastfeeding.  Bravado is proud to be the first to combine exceptional design with a nurturing and supportive community. They're also incredibly proud that they continue to shape the nursing apparel landscape in more than 30 countries worldwide. 

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Ordering for Bravado is currently not available through this website.  For ordering please contact Customer Service and they will provide you with the most current ordering form. 

Online ordering for this brand is currently not available. For wholesale orders, please contact and we'd be pleased to assist you.