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Salt Water Sandals

Salt Water Sandals

As a way to cope with leather shortages in World War II, Walter Hoy started making his sandals using the scrap leather left over from making military boots. Word soon spread and before long, families from all over St. Louis, were asking if Walter could make sandals for their kids. Seventy years on and Salt Water Sandal designs continue to deliver durable leather comfort with a fashion savvy attitude.

Combined with rust-proof metal tongue buckles and produced in a wide choice of colours and designs, the enduring quality & proven heritage of their sandals is unquestionable. Salt Water Sandals are perfect for adventures big and small especially adventures involving water. All Salt Water Sandals can be worn in fresh or saltwater because they are constructed with rugged leather uppers and solid brass buckles. Salt Water's exclusive bonding process means the colour will not wear off like other sandals. Simply throw them into the washer, hang to dry and they will spring back to shape for a new adventure!

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