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Lorena Canals Galaxy Sky

To infinity and beyond! The Galaxy Sky hanger is made up of a sapphire blue cotton canvas fabric, hanging from which are small cords with little mini-cushions simulating a star, Mars or Saturn. These mini-cushions are made of tightly woven, undyed, natural cotton and motifs have been embroidered onto them to add greater realism. The mini-cushions have a 100% polyester filling. The canvas fabric, which is a simulation of a Berber tent, has a moon embedded into it and stars have also been embroidered on. 100% natural dyes have been used. There are cotton cords at each end to hang it. Because it is handmade each hanger is unique. Thanks to its colors and shapes, it will create an ambiance that will be liked by children and adults alike. It can be hung in a child's bedroom or playroom, or even a terrace or garden. The universe is one of the hottest trends and for this reason in our Galaxy collection, you'll find a whole range of products, from washable rugs and cushions to wall decor. Measures 100 x 120 cm.
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